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School of Art and Design, Australian National University

Since 9 Dec 2021 the works by graduates from 2021 (including Lisa) have been viewable online through

During May and June 2022, just over 30 graduates, including Lisa, exhibited some of their graduating works in the  

New Alumni Exhibition, ANU School of Art & Design Gallery.

Lisa showed three of her works in the New Alumni Exhibition:

Just Now (Sunrise), Just Now (10:04am) and Just Now (Sunset), last one borrowed from its wonderful new owners.

Scroll down for all of Lisa's graduating works. Click on an image for a full view.

As part of the ANU Graduation Show 2021, Lisa was awarded the 2021 Emerging Artist Support Scheme Alliance Française Exhibition Award which will enable her to exhibit works, with selected students in August 2022:

Perseverance, 2-19 August 2022, Alliance Française Canberra, 66 McCaughey Street, Turner, ACT.

All images copyright of the artist. Please contact the artist for permission to use an image or part thereof.

Graduation 2021/2022: Exhibitions


Paintings in my Just Now series were inspired by specific moments spent in my home, garden and surrounding bushland, mostly during recent lockdown periods.

Through hard-edged abstraction, I suggest the built and natural environments but do not directly represent them. I try to capture and convey something I have directly observed or experienced, for example the effect of the sunlight, a mood or emotion, or the changing time of day.

I use bold and engaging colours that attract and sustain attention. In most of the paintings, a stripe motif, repeated at irregular intervals and in uneven configurations, holds and directs that attention. Saturated and desaturated colours combine with different, and sometimes illusionary, geometric shapes to disrupt the picture plane. Shapes form and appear to tilt forward and backward, suggesting both atmospheric and linear perspective at play. These are paintings to wander into, out of and back into again.

Graduation 2021/2022: Text
Graduation 2021/2022: Works
Graduation 2021/2022: Works

For more about the School of Art and Design Graduation Show, visit the website at

Graduation 2021/2022: Text
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